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RifleWraps Scan to Order.png

This QR Code will instantly send people to your website or social medias. This QR code is great for marketing. Easily direct your customers to your Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or  

"Order Now" page.

CashApp - Scan Here to Pay 2.png

Easily request payment with your own QR Code. Link customers DIRECTLY to your Paypal, Square, CashApp, Venmo, and Crypto Wallets. Ensure your customers can find your account. 

Contact QR Code- Contact Me Here.png

With a contact information QR code, people will be able to add you as a contact in their phone without having to type anything. This option is great for freelancers and small businesses.

custom qr for emails - website.png

With a custom QR code, you can help your customers do almost anything. They can pull up an app in the iTunes store, create a pre-written SMS text message/email, or create a calendar event. 

Anna BBQ PNG test.png
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